illiam Braemer, Director, Art Fusion Galleries, Miami, Florida
David Gonya has been represented by Art Fusion Galleries since 2006. He is a prolific and diverse artist and is collected by many of our clients. The stone sculptures in dramatic shapes and colors are sure to take your breath away, some in Marble others in Alabaster or Soapstone, each meticulously created each original in its line. On the other end of his creations you will find Mr. Gonya’s very contemporary metal sculptures, these are among the favorites of Interior Designers, bright colors and streamline or geometric shapes for the perfect complement to a Minimalist décor. David Gonya is one of the great masters of our time and we are very proud to have him in our family of artists!

Ken and Grace Jones, Collectors, Columbus, Ohio: We acquired one of David Gonya’s sculptures while living in Puerto Rico. We had to own this piece because of its beauty, peacefulness, and translucence. He is a gifted artist who wants each and every piece of his work to not only be beautiful but to tell a story.

Dr. John Hudson, Collector, Gray, Georgia: I first encountered David's art during a joint vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama in 1992. Carving and polishing he coaxed a graceful black and white arch out of an amorphous chunk of rock. Many beautiful organic pieces of stone sculpture followed. He then borrowed a book from my bookshelf on "The Calculus." This apparently stimulated a series of mathematical shapes and relationships in welded steel. Most recently I've marveled at sensuous forms in aluminum. It's been a wonderful journey that I hope will continue to amaze me for years to come.

Peter Laszlo Koenig, artist, curator, Sarasota, Florida: Contemporary sculptor, David Gonya is an inventor of very physical, often heavy metal constructions that may, at once, be coloristically delightful and spiritually soaring concepts. He is a master technician of both geometric and organic forms and his often timeless shapes may reflect architectural unity in metal with a harmony of nature in stone.
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